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About Us


Our Story

Over 10 years combined experience in design, management and service, we help our customers make better-informed decisions and provided alternatives to fit their needs. Free cost estimates are given after an extensive and careful evaluation of the damage or repair needed for your yacht. Our team of highly skilled workers use the best products and equipment to always guarantee the best quality of work, with attention to smallest details and commitment to customer services

Our Team Is A Closely-Knit Unit That Works Effectively Together In An Efficient Work Environment… And We Love What We Do

•Every team member is not just competent… they are experts in their field of labor. They are properly educated and trained, and willing to stand by their workmanship.

•We have consistent quality assurance checks. This means that our workers have regular attention and supervision on each project.

•The equipment and materials we use are appropriate for the services we provide.

•Our timelines are precise. You do not want to wait for or even pay for anyone to come and stand around while your yacht is in our possession.

•Our team works efficiently and purposefully to accomplish each phase of the project on time.

•Repair work stays on time. If ever there are any unavoidable delays, we will contact you immediately, explain the reason for the delay and provide a clear update with a new timeline.

•We provide updates about the progress, any changes in plans, necessary work orders, or adjustments to schedule on a regular basis.

•Proposals and work plans are appropriate in scope, timeline, and budget.

•Our personnel is trained and knowledgeable. They are fully prepared to accomplish the work properly and professionally in a manner that is up to our high standards.


Customer Obsession. We believe your yacht deserves the best. Our focus is to be the only operation to deliver any need you may have in the yachting industry. From the interior, to the exterior, we will handle it all.

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