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We add new and replace old wood flooring for a more modern and innovated look on your boat.

Whether it’s a new build or replacing an existing Teak Deck, Our Experts have the experience that is required to ensure a successful installation. At ETNI MARINE SERVICES we pride ourselves in being the local Teak Decking experts. The teak decking materials that we use on all of our projects (whether its a teak deck repair or a new teak deck) is quarter sawn Burmese teak, also known as Vertical Grain Teak. From the beginning stages, our Teak Decks are carefully thought out and planned to give you the best looking deck possible. We personally source and select our Teak Decking materials to ensure that our clients are receiving the quality that is required for a long lasting Teak Deck.


Quatersawn Burmese Teak is essential in the teak decking application for multiple reasons, not only is it beautiful, but its also helps keep the deck boards intact and prevents the boards from bowing/splitting. Plain sawn (also known as the flat grain) has a tendency of expanding with the grain of the wood, which in extended periods of exposure to the sun and moisture will ensure the inevitable bowing and splitting of your teak boards. Our Experts are trained to identify the difference between Quartersawn Teak and Plain Sawn teak

Hand selecting all of our deck boards is a sure way to ensure our customers of top quality teak, only providing vertical grain slats with no knots, Wormholes, or splits, to guarantee a long lasting, Beautiful Teak Deck.


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