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All cabinets and countertops are built by hand from scratch for a perfect fit in your boat. We also install and repair granite, marble, and solid wood counter tops in the marine industry



We here at ETNI MARINE SERVICES take pride in our ability to give our customers exactly what they are looking for when it comes to Custom Carpentry and Cabinetry. Not only will you be satisfied but you’ll be glad you made the right choice!

We use only the finest materials available when we build custom cabinets, hand selecting all of our veneers and laminates to meet your specific specifications, choosing the appropriate wood species to appropriately match the project at hand. Our quality craftsmanship combined with the materials we hand select produce a custom look you won’t find anywhere else. We also offer cabinet repair and replacement.

Had a severe leak? Need an expert to properly assess the damages? Look no further, we’ll be glad to give you our expert advice! Always keep in mind the cabinets in your boat provide more than just storage space. They create the look, feel and comfort of your yachts ambiance and can even become the centerpiece of your yacht’s salon, galley or staterooms.

That’s why we guarantee our Finish work, matching existing cabinets or new cabinet fabrication, we guarantee an exact match throughout the entire project!.



Your kitchen is an essential piece to your living space, on land or on the sea. At ETNI MARINE SERVICES, we are able to provide yacht carpentry services for a wide array of products. Included in our carpentry services is our ability to design and install custom countertops for your marine vessel.

Custom countertops give your vessel’s kitchen an elevated sense of cohesion and style. By having a uniquely shaped countertop, your kitchen can divert from the ordinary and mundane, and branch out to a design that is far more interesting. For example, our custom countertops can be cut and designed to feature unique shapes that transform the aesthetics of your kitchen

 Contact us today and one of our representatives will be able to answer any questions you might have about our processes and our business.

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